220 Studio was founded by Jodie Steagall, Sarah Lyyli, Emily Taylor, and Tess Perrin. These four yoginis met during a nine-month RYT200 teacher training with Britt B Steele, out at her YogaFarm - Deva Daaru - in Vernonia. Somewhere between morning practices, donkey kisses, many cups of chai, and walks in the woods, these four dreamed of realizing a yoga collective. And, the rest is history - the space came alive out of the shared love of the practice and sheer determination to keep the heartbeat of the yoga community strong.

When you enter the doors of the studio, you're given the opportunity to join a collective of individuals who believe everyone deserves the opportunity to practice. May your practice bless you off the mat as much as on, and be uniquely yours, steeped in the ancient traditions, lighthearted in the present moment, and stronger through the support and love of those to witness your experience.

With love and reverence for you all, the 220 Studio community looks forward to meeting you and sharing space with you!