Emily Taylor

I learned unconditional love in Arizona but California is where I grew free. I cultivated moxie in South America and found my voice in Portland, Oregon. My yoga practice permeated through these experiences, softened the edges and deepened the grooves. My hope as a yoga teacher, is to share the ancient teachings as they are, for you to experience through your lens. I am an innately light person and so my reflection of the teachings comes through in a grounded, lighthearted manner. I completed my 200 hour certification in 2010 and will complete my 500 hour Prana Flow certification with Shiva Rea in 2017. I have met so many beautiful souls along this journey and I hope that our paths connect one day soon! You can always find me on instagram @emilytayloryoga or my website but the best way to connect is in the studio so come find me at one of my local classes. Big Love.

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Slow Vinyasa Flow (Fridays, 6-7pm)One of my favorite things about this studio and yoga collective, is that we are free to teach what feels timely, potent, and most nourishing for the students as they have arrived. Most often this Friday night class is a sweet vinyasa flow to unwind from the week and step into the weekend grounded, open and energized. However, I feel it is important to leave space to let the practice unfold as it needs to. There have been Fridays, when the collective group has decided a restorative Yin class is just the medicine they need that week. With every class I take the time to check in with each student and from there we build into the practice of yoga however it best serves us. All levels welcome.