Natasha Wightman

Born in the South brought to the North and grounded in the Pacific North West, Natasha loves to surround herself with kind hearted people, exploring the beauty of nature whether it be with her dog Timber at the park, in the mountains ploughing through snow or getting caught in the rain. Practicing yoga for four years, Natasha has been able to find peace and love within herself with this magical practice. In January 2017 she completed her 200YTT with Rocky Heron through Yoga Maze’. Natasha loves to teach what she knows with passion and love towards others hoping to make a positive impact in one’s life, inspiring them to love themselves and the world around them. 

Vinyasa (Wednesdays, 9-10:15am): The style of class I teach is Vinyasa. I don’t try to make things hard but, it will happen. Encouraging students to have compassion and nonjudgement toward themselves, building confidence and strength in the mind and body. Moving gracefully through the Asanas reminding my students to breathe easily, and follow how their breathe connects them to their body, mind and most importantly their soul.