Sarah Lyyli

I believe in smiling. A LOT.

Everything is this world is better seen with a smile, upside down or approached with laughter. What I love about yoga is that you can take it as deep as you need to or make it as light as you wish. It's transformative. Not only as a practice, but in its experience.

For the past 7 years I have been diving deeper into what feels like a vast universe of yoga. I received my 200 RYT in 2016 and by the end of 2018, I will have an additional 230 continuing education hours both on and off my mat. 

I share what I have learned and found true in my practice through experience. Trial & Error. I am human. I make mistakes. My life is not a perfectly executed Instagram pose. Within my sharing there is forever learning. 

In my classes & workshops, my goal is for you is to leave the space understanding just a bit more about yourself and the strength you contain in your own body & mind. I show up unapologetically me and I want, for you, to show up unapologetically you.

All are welcome here. 

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DETOX Vinyasa (Sundays, 10-11am): Pre-brunch with me & reset from the week prior (or your Saturday night). We will kick the new week off right with a detox flow designed to rinse our organs, clear our mind and rejuvenate our system. This is a full body class where we will lengthen, twist and compress our way through 60 minutes using the internal heat of our bodies & a lil' added heat from the room.  Brunch tastes better when you detox before ;). Level 2. Please only eat a light snack before attending.

Vinyasa (Tuesdays 12-1pm):  A stronger, light-hearted class that will hopefully keep a smile on your face the full 60 minutes.  This class will use breath-work to take us through traditional flows, but will also incorporate new moves and approaches to your yoga practice. We will generate heat and strength from the inside out and work towards strengthening the foundational asana elements (to further propel our practice).  I encourage students to come with an open mind and heart as we work to break down our barriers with some sweat & silliness. The primary goal of this class is to gather a better understanding of our body, what it is asking of us & what it may need. Welcoming for students of all levels.